Why So Few Woman Philosophers?

Professional philosophy, which is to say “Academic Philosophy” has nothing to say to people struggling with life’s great issues. I was drawn to philosophy in college because I figured that was exactly where you went when you were struggling, but boy, was I wrong. Anything will get you through life better than that.

Now I find out that philosophers have been the most successful academics at keeping out women: ” It is stunning how far behind philosophy is, not just compared to the other humanities, but to most other disciplines—including economics, chemistry, statistics, biochemistry, and molecular biology—in the representation of women. Even mathematics and astrophysics have more
women.” (Elizabeth Anderson in 3:AM Magazine).

Now here’s Anderson on why she’s attracted to the philosophy of Dewey: “Dewey’s philosophy is grounded in the actual problems and predicaments people face in life.” So, risking accusations of a discredited feminist epistomology, let me say that if we don’t need more women doing philosophy, then we at least need more women like Anderson doing it.

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